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My 3D Models

Here are some free-to-use models I've made.  Help yourself!

My GrabCAD 3D models:

My Thingiverse 3D models:

My Yeggi 3D models:

My TurboSquid 3D models:


LS-PrePost (for LS-Dyna) Tutorials

Here are a couple of video tutorials for LS-PrePost, LS-Dyna's free pre/postprocessor, that I've made.  LS Dyna is notoriously difficult to use, and it took me many years of training and hands-on experimentation to get where I am today--hopefully I can save you some of that time and frustration :)


Academic Publications

Here are some academic publications I've written for your reading pleasure :)

My PhD Dissertation, titled "Design, Simulation, and Precision Manufacturing of Flexible-Backing, Morphing Composite Metamaterials that Lock Suddenly in Global Bending".  It's 610 pages long, the longest dissertation thus far in the history of Auburn University's Department of Mechanical Engineering!  Although, strictly speaking, quite a lot of that length derives from its many, many pictures and figures.

My Master's Thesis, titled "Variable-Stiffness Protective Material", is available here:

"Woven Nitinol Fabric Strips Characterized in Tension via Finite Element Analysis and Geometric Modeling" by Skalitzky, A; Petersen, C.; et. al.:  (full text available here:

Additionally, I have submitted publications that are pending.

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My Social Media

I'm not a big social media user, but occasionally I pontificate about engineering companies' valuations or 3D printing on TradingView or Twitter.  This is not financial advice! ;)

My TradingView

My Twitter:

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